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The Royal Berkshire Vein Clinic offers specialist investigation and treatment of varicose, spider and thread veins of the legs and face by Professor Tim Magee,  Consultant Vascular Surgeon

                                                        . Tim Magee

Facial veins are treated using the Veinwave system. Endovenous Laser and Radio Frequency Ablation, surgery and sclerotherapy are the principle treatments for varicose veins. 

Other areas of specialist expertise include related complaints such as leg swelling and ulceration. Axillary hyper hidrosis is effectively treated by botulinum toxin (Botox).

The clinic prides itself on the cosmetic and functional results of all interventions and procedures. Practice is research and evidence based with an emphasis on clinical excellence.

Consultations and outpatient interventions are carried out at 22 Bath Road and Circle Hospital, Reading, venous surgery and endovenous laser and RFA procedures are performed at Spire Dunedin Hospital and  Circle Reading Hospital


Circle Reading Hospital